Charles Calleros - Resume'



College of Law, Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona 85287-7906
(480) 965-4761


Professor of Law, Arizona State University College of Law, Tempe, Arizona 85287 (July 1981-present). Tenure and promotion to Professor awarded in 1984.

Associate Dean (1990-92).

Awards: A.S.U. Outstanding Faculty Award (1986) (awarded to several A.S.U. faculty that year); Maricopa County Bar Assoc. Faculty Award (1994); A.S.U. College of Law Alumni Assoc. Outstanding Faculty Member Award (1996); 1997 A.S.U. President's Award for Team Excellence (shared with other members of a team that presented a workshop on law for A.S.U. administrators); 1997 A.S.U. President's Award for Innovation (shared with other team members); 1997 Governor's Award for Excellence (shared with other team members).

Current Courses: Contracts, Civil Rights Legislation, International Contracts.

Recent Major College Committee Assignments: Chair, Committee on Recruitment of Newly Admitted Law Students (2002-07); Admissions Committee (2002-04); Chair, Appointments Committee (2000-2001); Dean Search Committee (elected) (1997-98); Advisory Personnel Committee (1997-98); Dean's Advisory Committee (elected) (1998-99); Chair, Indian Legal Programs Committee (many years, including 1998-99).

Visiting Professor of Law (Contracts), Stanford Law School (Fall 1991); Univ. Santa Clara Law School (1999-2000); Université René Descartes - Paris V (April 2002; Oct. 2002; April 2004; Oct. 2004; March 2005; Oct. 2005; Sept. 2006); Zhongnan Unvi. of Econ. and Law, Wuhan, China (June 2005).

Law Clerk to Circuit Judge Procter Hug, Jr., U.S. Court of Appeals (Oct. 1979 to April 1981); Central Staff, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (Aug. 1978 to Oct. 1979).



Legal Method and Writing (5th ed. Aspen Publ. 2006).

Law School Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win (forthcoming Aspen Publ. 2007).

Articles (International and Comparative Law)

Punitive Damages, Liquidated Damages, and Clauses Pénales in Contract Actions: A Comparative Analysis of the American Common Law and the French Civil Code, 32 Brooklyn J. Int’l L. 67 (2006).

Articles (Discrimination Law and Free Speech)

Speech and Education, and Student speech in Public Schools, articles for the Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties 1505, 1575 (Paul Finkelman, ed., 2006).

Aguilar v. Avis: The California Supreme Court Takes a Divided Freeway To Content-Oriented Regulation of Workplace Speech, 34 U.S.F.L. Rev. 237 ( 2000).

Same-sex Harassment, Textualism, Free Speech, and Oncale: Laying the Groundwork for a Coherent and Constitutional Theory of Sexual Harassment Liability, 7 George Mason L. Rev. 1 (1998).

Title VII and the First Amendment: Content-Neutral Regulation, Disparate Impact, and the "Reasonable Person" Standard, 58 Ohio St. L.J. 1217 (1997).

Preparing for the Worst--and Striving for the Best: Training University Employees to Respond Clearly, Constructively, and Constitutionally to Hateful Speech on Campus, 26 J. L. & Educ. 41 (1997).

Conflict, Apology, and Reconciliation at Arizona State University: A Second Case Study in Hateful Speech, 27 Cumberland L. Rev. 91 (1997).

Title VII and Free Speech: The First Amendment is Not Hostile to a Content-Neutral Hostile Environment Theory, 1996 Utah L. Rev. 227.

Paternalism, Counterspeech, and Campus Hate-Speech Codes: A Reply to Delgado and Yun, 27 Ariz. State Univ. L.J. 1249 (1995).

The Meaning of Sex: Homosexual and Bisexual Harassment under Title VII, 20 Vermont L. Rev. 55 (1995).

Reconciliation of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties after R.A.V. v. St. Paul: Antiharassment Policies, Free Speech, Multicultural Education, and Political Correctness at Arizona State University, 1992 Univ. Utah L. Rev. 1205.

Reconciling the Goals of Federalism with the Policy of Title VII: Subject-matter Jurisdiction in Judicial Enforcement of EEOC Conciliation Agreements, 13 Hof. L. Rev. 257 (1985).

Title VII and Rule 52(a): Standards of Appellate Review in Disparate Treatment Cases--Limiting the Reach of Pullman-Standard v. Swint, 58 Tulane L. Rev. 403 (1983).

Articles, Essays, Book Chapters, and Videos (Legal Education)

Patching Leaks in the Diversity Pipeline to Law School and the Bar, 43 Cal. Western L. Rev. 131 (2006).

Law, Policy, and Strategies for Affirmative Action Admissions in Higher Education, 43 Cal. Western L. Rev. 151 (2006).

Contributions (regarding teaching Contract Law) to Teaching the Law School Curriculum, edited by Gerry Hess and Steven Friedland (forthcoming in Carolina Academic Press, 2004).

Using Both Nonlegal Contexts and Assigned Doctrinal Course Material to Improve Students' Outlining and Exam-Taking Skills, 12 Perspectives 91 (2004).

Effective Use of Simulation in CD-Rom or DVD Format in Teaching Difficult Law Concepts, Proc. of the Winter Int'l Symposium on Information and Comm. Tech. (2004).

Demonstrations and Bilingual Teaching Techniques at the University of Paris: Introducing Civil Law Students to Common Law Legal Method, 12 Perspectives 6 (2003).

Introducing Students to Elementary Legislative Process and Statutory Analysis through Experiential Learning in a Familiar Context, 38 Gonzaga Law Review 33 (2003) (symposium on teaching techniques).

Using Demonstrations in Familiar Nonlegal Contexts to Teach Unfamiliar Concepts of Legal Method to New Students, 7 Leg. Writing 37 (2001).

In the Spirit of Regina Austin's Contextual Analysis: Exploring Racial Context in Legal Method and Writing Assignments and Scholarship, 34 John Marshall L. Rev. 281 (2000).

A Winning Treatise, (1999) (online book review).

ESSAY - Reading, Writing, and Rhythm: A Whimsical, Musical Way of Thinking about Teaching Legal Method and Writing, 5 Legal Writing 1 (1999) (by the end of 1999, presented to 8 audiences as a teaching workshop).

Training a Diverse Student Body for a Multicultural Society, 8 U.C. Berkeley La Raza L.J. 140 (1995).

Variations on the Problem Method in First-Year and Upper-Division Courses, 20 U.S.F.L. Rev. 455 (1986) (presented to Minority Law Professors' Conference, U.S.F., 1985).

Classroom Teaching Videos: Rules for Monica (2002) (legal method in nonlegal context; Japanese subtitles added 2004 for use in Kobe, Japan); The Promise (2002) (exploring reciprocal inducement and reliance; versions in English and French Language).

Presentations on Selected Topics

Teaching Techniques: Numerous presentations at national teaching workshops for the AALS, the Society of American Law Teachers, the Legal Writing Institute, the Institute for Law School Teaching, and individual law schools on various teaching techniques in the classroom, including those with diverse student bodies, or in leading faculty retreats.

Specific Teaching Workshops: Teach to the Whole Class - multi-hour workshop, with team that organized, presented, and led group discussion at the Institute for Law School Teaching, Spokane (July 1997) and at the AALS Annual Meeting, Section on Teaching Methods Workshop, (Jan. 1998); presented solo at John Marshal Law School (May 1999), Univ. of Nevada at Las Vegas School of Law (Nov. 1999), and Vermont Law School (April 2002). A Musical, Whimsical Way of Thinking about Techniques for Teaching Law - one-hour multi-media teaching seminar, presented to the LWI Summer Conference, Ann Arbor (June 1998); Stetson Law School (Jan. 1999); John Marshall Law School (May 1999); Law firm of Lewis & Roca (Phoenix, June 1999); Institute for Law School Teaching (Spokane, June 1999); Arizona State Univ. College of Law (Sept. 1999); Santa Clara Univ. School of Law (Oct. 1999); Univ. Nevada at Las Vegas School of Law (Nov. 1999); Conference of Teaching Research in Law Libraries (Phil. July 2000).

Responding to Racially Offensive Speech with More Speech: The Arizona State University Anti-Harassment Policy and the First Amendment. Faculty Seminar at Stanford Law School (Dec. 11, 1991); Individual Presenter at National Conferences on Racial & Ethnic Relations in American Higher Education, San Antonio, TX (June 4, 1991), New Orleans (June 6, 1993), Atlanta Georgia (June 3, 1994), San Antonio (May 30- 31, 1996); Panel Presentation at Arizona First Amendment Congress, A.S.U., Tempe, AZ (April 26, 1991); Guest Speaker on KFYI Radio, Phoenix, AZ (April 12, 1991); Debate presentation on KAET-TV Public Television Program "Horizon," Tempe, AZ (June 6, 1991); Panel Presentation at Employment Discrimination Section Workshop at A.A.L.S. Conference (S.F. Jan. 8, 1993) (as applied to Title VII); Workshop for A.S.U. Administrators (1993-97) (earning the team awards described under Awards on pg. 1 of this resume).

Political Correctness and Multicultural Education. Debate with Dinesh D'Souza, A.S.U., Tempe,Ariz. (January 29, 1992). Individual Presenter at National Conference on Racial & Ethnic Relations in American Higher Education, San Francisco, (June 7, 1992). Panel Presentation at National Art Education Association Annual Convention, Phoenix, Ariz. (May 3, 1992). Workshop at Ohio State Univ. (May 25, 1993).

Law School
University of California at Davis, Class of 1978
Order of the Coif, Phi Kappa Phi Honors
University of California at Santa Cruz, Class of 1975
B.A., Economics, Highest Honors in Economics

Court-Appointed Monitor of Settlement Decree in Class Action Discrimination Suit (2001-02), with continuing employment as post-decree monitor (2003-04).
A.A.L.S. Committee on Recruitment and Retention of Minority Faculty (Chair, 1996-97).
Chair, A.S.U. Campus Environment Team (1990-91, 1995-96) (charged with combating discriminatory harassment while protecting campus free speech and academic freedom).
Law School Admissions Council, Member of Minority Affairs Committee (2003-04)
Planning Committee, A.A.L.S. Workshops for Minority Law Prof. (1989, 1992)
Planning Committee and Presenter, Introducing Issues of Diversity in the Legal
Curriculum, S.A.L.T. Teaching Conferences (N.Y. 1992, Santa Clara 1993)
Planning Committee and Presenter on Teaching Methods Panel; Minority Law
Professors' Conference, University of San Francisco (1985)
C.L.E.O. Institute, A.S.U. (Faculty 1981) (Director 1989)

ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING EXPERIENCE - Chair, A.S.U. Board on Equal Opportunity (1982-85, 1987-88). Chair ruled on procedural motions and objections; presided over hearings; examined witnesses; led Board in factfinding and in formulation of conclusions and recommendations to President of University; drafted opinion of the Board.

PUBLIC INTEREST LAW - Member of Planning Committees, SALT Public Interest Conferences (N.Y.U. 1990;Stanford 1991); A.A.L.S. Mini-Workshop on Public Interest Law (Wash., D.C., 1991); Board Member and Chair of Litigation Committee of AZ Center for Law in the Public Interest (1991-94).

CONSULTING IN LEGAL WRITING - Director of Writing Programs in Phoenix law firms (1982-2003).

A.A.L.S. Committees (various in the 1990s)
Admitted to Practice in U.S. Ct. App. (9th Cir.), and U.S. Dist. Ct.( N.D. Cal., D. Ariz.)
Advisory Board to the Institute for Law School Teaching (2001 to 2003; 2005-07)
American Bar Association
Arizona Civil Liberties Union, Bd. of Dir. and Co-Chair of Legal Committee (2003-07)
A.S.U. Chicano Faculty and Staff Association, Member
Education Law Association (1999 to present)
Hispanic National Bar Association (Member of National Mentoring Programs Committee (2006-07); Member of Strategic Planning and Programs Committee (2006-07); Co-chair of 1994 Convention Planning Committee; Member of Amicus Committee (1999-2000)).
Inactive Member of California and Arizona state bars
Journal of Law and Education Board of Editors (1998 to present)
Latino Law Professors
Legal Writing Institute
Los Abogados (local Hispanic Bar Assoc.) (Chair of elementary school mentoring program, 1996-99; member, Civil Rights Committee, 1998-99)
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Society of American Law Teachers Board of Governors (1983-1994) (1983-1994)

Percussionist in Calo Flamenco, professional flamenco troupe (2004)
Performer in Lydia Torea Spanish Dance Company (1983-1997)
Percussionist, flamenco dancer in weekly tablao (Tapas, Papa Frita restaurant, 1990-94)
Drummer in a rhythm and blues band and/or jazz ensembles (1993 to 2004)
Drummer for college jazz ensembles (1987-88, 1994)